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Take a step forward in time, simplify your processes, streamline your work, generate savings, and capture more clients.

We are an AI solutions integrator to simplify and expedite operational work

We offer process simplification supported by AI technologies in a competitive and record time manner


There are numerous benefits AI offers, and it's time to start leveraging them to streamline routine operations in companies.

Make Time Count

Use the time for what truly matters, harnessing employees' potential to the fullest and generating more revenue.

Swift Response

No need to wait hours or even days for results, leverage AI to achieve results within minutes.

Cost Savings

Integrating our solutions into routine tasks also translates to budget and execution savings.


With algorithms integrated into our tools, we analyze vast amounts of information and content, generating simple and user-friendly deliverables. We aim to revolutionize how companies work today.

Differentiation vs Competitors

Through the use of AI, you also contribute to improving internal processes within your organization, allowing you to offer better response times and more reasonable prices. This can help you to make a difference in the market.

Our solutions

This is the portfolio of solutions we are incorporating into Aigoritmo

We've already launched our first tool in the market and are paving the way for the rest of our solutions, focused on facilitating operational tasks. Get to know them below:


Escribano Transcriptions

Our first tool in the market to generate automated transcriptions from audio or video files in any format

  • Uses AI technology for fast transcription
  • Delivers in Word, PDF, or Json format identifying participants
  • High accuracy level with an average precision rate above 85%*
  • Accuracy may vary depending on audio quality and recording conditions. Better quality yields better results and vice versa

Escribano Analysis

Harness the power of your own information to generate advanced analysis through questions

  • Ideal for vast amounts of information
  • Directly integrated with Escribano Transcriptions
  • Naturally ask questions to the system, and it responds based on the provided information

Morse Code

Analyze call center campaign information quickly and in one place.

  • Conduct sentiment analysis, satisfaction assessment, call routine compliance, service level, and more
  • Process large volumes of information in different formats and identify key messages from your customers
  • Available starting from 2024


Analysis of automated digital communication campaigns

  • Integrate video, audio, images, and text formats for consolidated analysis
  • Uncover insights about your brand, campaigns, or competitors and integrate with the rest of your strategy, all in record time
  • Available starting from 2024
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  • No subscription costs, you only pay for what you use
  • Our transcription service is already 100% operational and available, other services are still in beta version